About Us

Welcome to VitaHolistics!

The name VitaHolistics combines the Latin word "vita" with  "holistics". Vita means life and holistic means whole system integration. This integration includes both the body and mind. We support life through whole-system integration for and abundance of wellness.

Our Approach 

VitaHolistics offers a holistic approach specializing in supporting health and wellness naturally using lifestyle pivots, whole body planning, and bioavailable organic supplementation. We focus on the foundational elements of whole-body wellness.

VitaHolistics is customer-centered and wants you feeling your best! We take a whole-body approach to supporting our customers on their health and wellness journey. You are not living your best life possible, unless your mind, body, and spirit are balanced. 

Our Promise 

VitaHolistics offers nutritional supplements that are plant-sourced, gluten free, soy free, non GMO, potency verified, and always free from pesticides, adulterants, synthetics, and heavy metals. Our products are manufactured in an FDA-monitored cGMP Facility.